What To Do If An Accident Happens

By: Keni The Kane
Adult Male Performer of the Year nominee
And Creator of Superman Stamina

Hey guys,

I wasn’t always “Superman” when it comes to stamina.  In fact, one of the things that led me to create my instructional program Superman Stamina was because I wanted to help guys battling with crippling premature ejaculation, just like I used to.

So I know a thing or two about “accidents”

They happen to every guy, not just guys with PE. We’ve all been there…Everything going smoothly…giving your girl the best pounding of her life and then…uh oh…you cum and she hasn’t even gotten off yet!

It can be very embarrassing, especially if it happens when you’re fucking a new girl.

So here’s what to do if an accident ever happens to you…

1) Get ready for more sex as quickly as possible. The worst thing about cumming too soon is that your girl hasn’t had a chance to get off.  If she doesn’t get off, chances are she’s not going to enjoy having sex with you.  That means she’s going to find someone who she does enjoy having sex with.  You need to get ready to go again as quickly as possible.  The thing your girl wants more than anything at that moment is a hard cock!

2) Go down on her. Girls are pretty moody when it comes to sex. Even the slightest problem can be a total turn-off. Safe to say, cumming too soon is a huge problem. That’s why you need to think quick. If you’re wearing a condom, there’s no mess to clean up. Go down on your girl to keep her in the mood and when you’re ready to go, change the condom and pray you don’t blow your load again.

3) Apologize but don’t turn it into a big deal. Okay, lets be honest PE is a BIG deal. But if you can convince your girl that it was a one time thing and it wont happen again, you might be able to get her to keep going. That will be much harder to do after the second or third time though…

Are you not convinced? Neither am I to be honest. I remember how anxious my PE made me and I remember all the different strategies I tried to get the girl to keep me around, including the 3 “tips” I listed above. They never worked…or if they did it was never for very long.

The BEST and ONLY way to handle an accident is to decide to NEVER let it happen again. That’s why I designed the Superman Stamina program. In it I reveal dozens of secrets techniques, methods, and tricks which I used to cure myself of PE and to become a world famous Porn Star.  I’ve shared these tips for years and all of them are time tested and guaranteed to work. You can try them yourself today and finally cure yourself of that horrible PE problem. You will go from having terrible sex to having some of the best sex of your life. Just like I did.

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That’s all from me for now…

Over the next few days, I’ll check in with some helpful tips and tricks that I use to build my stamina, but the only way to get learn the all my secrets is to try the program for yourself.

I’ll be talking to you again soon,