Superman Stamina Special Report:

Lasting As Long As You Want In The HOTTEST Positions

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Let's talk about one of these super HOT positions that causes guys to come way too fast....

And how fast is too fast? :)

ANYTIME you are coming BEFORE your girl can achieve multiple, SCREAMING climaxes you have a problem!

Women don't want you slowly moving around inside them for a few minutes and then it's over....

They want a hard, fast, sturdy rhythm that shows them they have a real man as he leads them to screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm! =)

Back to that position we were talking about....

The position that gives a lot of guys trouble lasting is doggy style. There is something about seeing your girl bent over, with that ass right in front you that makes you want to ERUPT.

And to make it worse, it is one of those dominating positions where she wants you to give it to her hard and fast. No girl likes slow, romantic doggy style, THERE IS NO SUCH THING! hahaha

Let's talk about how to last LONGER in doggy style.

The first key to lasting longer is doing it while you are standing up. When you are down on the bed behind her you are thrusting mostly with your hips rather than your entire body.

Anytime that you have a lot of hip movement if you are sensitive to coming too fast it is probably going to happen!

Try this little trick to help you out...

When you do doggy with her bent over (either on the edge of the bed or standing up) you can thrust with your entire body as opposed to just your hips. Anytime you thrust with your full body it is much easier to control your stamina and thrust hard and fast without finishing too quickly.

Another way to last longer is even simpler. While you are standing up giving it to her from behind hook your hands under her waist. Let me explain further in detail :) Normally in doggy style you have your hands on the side of her waist and you thrust into her hard from behind. Now what I want you to do is hook your hands UNDER her waist. (should feel like you are grabbing her pelvic bone). Now, PULL HER INTO YOU while you barely thrust at all.

This way you can give it to her REALLY hard and you aren't worried about finishing early while you are thrusting. You are moving her into you instead of moving into HER. :) Get it?

Another quick and simple tip you can use to last longer in doggy is to shorten your range of motion.

By shortening your range of motion you can give it to her really hard but not have long thrusting movements (that cause to ejaculate prematurely).

Doggystyle: One of the most satisfying positions but also one of the hardest to last in! Especially when her ass really turns you on! Once you get "Superman Stamina" bend her over and drive her to orgasm after orgasm as you pound her.

Here's how to do it:

When you are inside her doggy style, go ALL the way. Until you can't go in any further.
Then instead of coming almost all the way out and thrusting back in just pull back about an inch and then thrust back in. These short motions allow you to drive her to an orgasm by giving her the hard thrusting that she NEEDS. They also allow you to keep your stamina by limiting your movement and excessive stimulation!

Put these expert doggy style stamina tips to use the NEXT time you have sex. You will be able to last MUCH longer.

If you want to make SURE that you have the stamina you need check out the "Superman Stamina" program.

In this program you will see me demonstrate these 3 seperate and effective doggy style stamina tricks as well as all of the other techniques I use in other positions.

Also included is a seminar where I break down the exact routine I go through on an adult set to make sure that I last as long as the director needs me no matter how HOW how hot the female star may be!


Tori Black, AVN starlet of the year will guide you through an interactive training program where you will "reset" your body's arousal levels as you follow along :)

Chances are that ONE of these Videos will get you lasting at least 15 minutes next time you make love.

Within a few weeks, with an adequate amount of practice, you should be at 40-45 minutes.

And, if you don't have a girl right now then listen up :)

When you do get a girl, the first time you have sex with her you want to BLOW HER MIND.

With these stamina techniques you are pretty certain to give her a GUARANTEED climax!!!

Check out more on the techniques that I use on set AND even have had used on me iin my personal life.

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