What extended foreplay does for your "solider" and how it increases his time in the battlefield...

Keni Styles
Superman Stamina
November 11, 2010

shawnaIt's me Keni Styles, and I'm excited to share with you one of my best tips.

I'm much better at having sex then I am at writing, but as a male porn star I do know ALL the tricks a guy can use to increase his stamina quickly.

It's actually a lot easier than you think, and I want to share some with you now!

Triple The Amount Of Foreplay

The first tip to tripling your stamina tonight is to TRIPLE the amount of foreplay.

I know, this sounds like a lot. But trust me. Women love it, and they will love it even more when doing this helps you last long enough to make her cum like CRAZY.

Increasing the length of foreplay will often dramatically extend your stamina, but it also has a second benefit:

When you increase the foreplay, you increase her ability to have orgasms. With a long foreplay session (whether it be you going down on her, her going down on you, or just extended kissing and rubbing) you are going to PRIME her for a foreplay orgasm and then multiple orgasms during penetration.

That's right, multiples!

Now let's talk about what extended foreplay does for your "solider" and increasing his time in the battlefield.

When you come earlier than you would like it's because you aren't able to control your sexual excitement. The sensation and visual of being inside her is too much pleasure and you let go...

Hey, I have been there.

However, when you extend the foreplay SIGNIFICANTLY then your sexual excitement has time to come back down to a threshold far below at which you come.

For example, think of your level of sexual excitement as a ladder.

Plainly put, this "ejacualation arousal ladder" just means how close you are to cumming.

For example:

1 - 2 on the Ladder - No sexual turn on at ALL. Like you are watching football, but with no cheerleaders :)

2 - 4 You are turned on at the site of a girl, but no hard on and not thinking about sex at all

5 - 6 You see REALLY hot girl and start awakening the giant down there, but not much of a stiffy

7 - 8 You are rock hard but totally in control and not yet coming, and not about to unless you are further turned on. For most guys this is where you are at when you START jerking it to a really good porno (like one starring me Shawna, or me, Keni Styles :) )

9- you are getting that feeling that you are right about to come but you haven't started yet... it's possible to stop your orgasm but not without some advanced techniques.

10- you are cumming... doesn't matter if a MACK truck is barreling down the road while you are standing in the way... you have started your orgasm and can't stop!

For many guys who have control problems, they START having sex at about a 9.

They aren't coming yet but will as soon as they start moving inside of her.

I know because I used to do this!

Often I'd become scared to be inside her or move very slowly once inside. Hey, if you penetrate her at a "9" on your ejaculation ladder, and don't take your arousal back down to 7-8 you will come very rapidly! No surprise there!

But.. when you TRIPLE your amount of foreplay, something different happens...

You become USED to being around her naked, and touching each other in a sexual way.

That way, by the time you do penetrate her, it's not AS big of a deal to you as it would have been before.

Think of it kind of like watching a porn movie. Once you've seen the same one a few times you don't get as turned on as you did the first time.

So by tripling the amount of foreplay and becoming more used to being naked with her, you are able to penetrate her when you are around 7-8 on your ladder... which means it will automatically take you longer to come!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT go insider of her until you are no longer feeling like you will pop as soon as you do. She's not going to mind, in fact she's going to be MORE turned on! You can keep the foreplay going as long as you need to and just be sure that when you do enter her you are no HIGHER than the arousal level you are at when you are watching a porno!

You can control when you come while you are watching porn so you can control when you come when you are inside her, and this is the first step!

Stay tuned for your next tip. It's about how to enjoying yourself during sex will actually make you last longer.


Keni Styles

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