Tip #2: How to Last Longer And
Enjoy it Too...

Many guys are so focused on NOT cumming that they do what they think is the right move and think about something else. Maybe they will think about baseball, a tv show, or anything NON sexual in the hopes of lasting longer.

Well, if you've tried this you no it doesn't help!

Plus its FRUSTRATING! You want to enjoy sex like a normal dude not have to distract yourself like a chode in the hopes of lasting long enough!

Well here's how to fix this. Instead of distracting yourself, next time recognize how AWARE you are.

Reference that arousal ladder above and notice how aroused you are on the scale.

When you need to lower your arousal so you can last longer, simply do the 2 things below and you'll find yourself with increased staying power.

1) Open Your Eyes

Right before you come often your eyes will start to close as you go into your orgasm. Make a conscious effort to open your eyes ALL the way. This is a way to TRICK your brain that takes your body out of "orgasm mode."

2) Breathe

A few deep breathes (done quietly) do wonders for calming the nerves and keeping your soldier on the battefield. Take a few breathes in through the nose and out the mouth while you slow your pace. You'll be surprised at how much control this simple thing gives you! Keep your pace slower and your breathing deep as long as you need, and then pick the pace back up when YOU are ready!

Those 2 techniques will allow you to stop having to distract yourself and put you back into the moment where you can not only LAST... but also enjoy it!

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's email. It's a fail safe that will make sure you're lasing EXACTLY how long you want to.

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